Private workshops

Alcohol Ink Workshop

Waterline Brewery

Sunday Feb. 25 12:30-2:30pm

Come check out this new,exciting medium of Alcohol Inks. No drawing or painting skills required.  The inks create a beauty all on their own.They are bright, luminous and spontaneous. Bring your need to create somethingfun and colorful. We will be exploring the use of inks on glazed ceramic tiles.

$40 includes all materials and instruction.

 You will leave with two 4” and one 6” tiles.


Call: 315-481-0550 

email: to register


Private workshops


Let me bring the paint party to your house! Invite 4 friends or family members and have a fun filled two hours of playing with textures and colors!  I bring all supplies needed.  email for more information or to set up a paint party.


Group Workshop

Linda Flynn Workshop
I’m extremely excited to get the opportunity to host private workshops for those curious or eager to learn alcohol ink painting. I love sharing my craft and skills with people, and can’t wait to host more workshops! I never thought being an artist would bring me such great opportunities to connect with people and make friends on such a frequent basis. Between workshops, exhibits, art festivals, and craft fairs, there’s been so much great people and support throughout my journey. I’m happy to give a little back by showing people the intricacies of my work. I hope we can get together for a fun workshop soon!